Our Adoption Story

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Home makeover: Nursery Edition

Wanted to share some photo's of Mawell's nursery. Loving bright blues and greens right now, but I also LOVE grays and browns so I kinda just went with all those colors on simple light gray walls. Kept it simple with so many colors, but still not 100% complete. Still looking for some small decorations to add.

This room will eventually be Max and Ezra's room- hence the M and E on the wall. Not sure how we will configure rooms and cribs quite yet...but I'm sure we will all fit just great!


missy said...

"we are in this together"...oh my WORD, that is precious!!!!!

Tessy said...

I just finished watching your video and tears just flowed down my cheeks. In so many ways you spoke my heart. Not optional.

I'm Tessy btw and we brought home our precious boy from the DRC in Jan. of this year. I came across your blog from Sarah's blog list. We also used Wasatch. Curious as to which orphanage your son is from?!

Love your heart and adding your blog to my reading list. :-) All your boys are so precious!

Tessy at Divine Moments

Ashley said...

My friend's coworker told my friend about your blog :) We're currently deciding on an agency and I'd love to chat about your experience! Your video was such a sweet reminder of the reasons my husband and I are starting this journey!

Clark Family said...

Ashley- having trouble finding your email or blog if you have one to respond to you. I would love to chat about our adoption experience so far, so glad you were blessed by the video! My email is ValerieVClark@gmail.com if you have any specific questions about Wasatch or anything!