Our Adoption Story

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Meet our boy

Adoption Update:

There is one less orphan in the world today!

We have officially "passed court" in the Congo!! This means that our legal work is as complete as it will be until we actually go a pick up our son. The judge has declared us as his parents! Woohoo! One (big) step closer to bringing our son home. So because we are legally his guardians we are able to share a photo now of our little guy.

So I would like you to meet Ezra Nzongo Clark. He is such a handsome little guy, 5 months old as of Aug 3rd and looking super healthy! Praying and praying he is in our arms soon. We are now applying for Immigration and then his Visa. Those are the two big steps left. Pray with us for that process to go FAST and SMOOTH.

Oh I just can't stand it! Don't you just want to reach into that photo and hold that boy. Can't wait to bring him home.


Our Family said...

Congratulations on two beautiful boys:)

We found your blog via Nothinglefttopaint. We are using the same agency and got our referral for our daughter same time.

We too are in the same stage of the process!

missy said...

Oh precious Ezra!!! It's crazy that you are fresh home from the hospital and accepting a referral. god writes the best, and craziest, stories! congrats!!!

April Bardell said...

I pray for you often! Anything new on Ezra?