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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Pregnancy test mix up

So I (Val) thought I would go back to when we very first found out we were pregnant and tell of my scatterbrained pregnancy test mix up.....Adam and I bought a couple pregnancy tests one weekend because I was insisting "something" was not going as scheduled. I took one of the tests that came in the box and waited....it had one bold line and one REALLY REALLY faint line next to it (two lines is a positive) I was just totally thrown off by this faint line, my goodness couldn't they at least make it a bold positive when you are standing with this little stick in your hand that determines  your future, couldn't they at least be sure to be clear!! Well I read the box and it informed me that a positive result remains in the box for a long time and a negative result fades completely to leave a blank box in just one hour. Well in all the confusion I just pulled out the other test to take it and see what happens to this one, and Adam my frugal husband quickly reminded me how much these precious sticks cost, so I agreed to wait the  hour out to see if the box goes blank or not. 
So one hour later I run into the bathroom and grab the stick, take it out to Adam and turn it around to reveal a completely blank box and sadly exclaim "it's a negative."  I threw the stick in the trash.....We really weren't "planning" on a pregnancy but the thought of it had quickly gotten me excited. 
So because it was a friday night Adam and I left right away to meet some friends for plans we had. We can home late and went right to bed, slept in and had a lazy sat. Sometime that night I happened to go into the spare bathroom where all this stick peeing took place and to my surprise a pregnancy test was sitting on the counter with a positive result in the box. I stood there for a while trying to figure this situation out. Then it hit me that the night before I had run into the bathroom in such excitement to check the stick that I grabbed the UNUSED one I had opened  and left the positive result stick sitting on the counter! I ran out of the bathroom yelling "I grabbed the wrong one!!" and had to explain it to Adam....we were both very excited but laughed that we let a whole 24 hours go by with this exciting news right on our bathroom counter!! 


Amanda said...

such a great story. I love it.

Cindi Clark said...

Adam and Valerie...thanks for sharing that story! So funny! I love the outcome!


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