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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

watch him grow...

well it feels like time is flying with this little guy and he's getting big and growing up fast, too fast.  over the last weeks and days he has begun interacting with the world around him in so many new ways, here are a few examples of him in action.

he flirts

he cries like a lamb.

he plays football.

he sits up, sort of, with the help of his huge cloth diaper.

he makes adorable faces.

his hands shake and get close to his mouth when he gets hyped up.

he plays on his own, and enjoys the giraffe that hangs above this mat (just out of frame)

he sleeps with his daddy. and his daddy especially enjoys it as you can see.


Julie said...

i just keep saying--outloud in my empty room, mind you--shut up, shut UP, shut up I'm gonna eat you, you're so cute, MILES...His cuteness makes us speak incoherently...hahaha.

He is just so stinking adorable. The cutest thing in the entire hemisphere. I dare anyone to find something more perfect and precious than he is.

And I am in no way biased.

Julie said...

After re-reading the comment...let's be honest...kind of weird.

Disclaimer: Adam and Val-in no way do I want to eat your baby. You could trust me to you know, hold him, or whatever the case may be.

Sam said...

I love the recent pictures. It's so fun to see his personality developing! Jess and I can't wait to come down after school is out in a few weeks!

Amanda said...

oh.my.gosh! He is so adorable!!

Sally said...

i can't believe we have waited till memorial day to meet him. can't wait. the diapers are huge when they are little:)

Josh, Amy, Olivia, Josiah, Girum, Tarikwa, and Taye said...

YAY for your new post! I love seeing your beautiful baby grow! Happy Mother's Day, Valerie. You are magnificent....the proof is in the beautiful grin (no, not the one on my face...the one on Miles's face....but I'm grinning too!). You have such gorgeous men in your life.

And, Julie, you are hillarious. You can come down and eat my children whenever you like.

But you'd better come hungry! They are many and they are large!

.......of course, I'm speaking figuratively, too....

But stop by anyway, and I'll feed you something:)

Anonymous said...

"C'mon, cry like a lambie...show Kate how you cry like a lambie...c'moooonnnn..."