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Sunday, September 5, 2010

Miles' favorite things part 3

Well we are back to Indiana and feeling settled. Adam started his third and final semester of classes for his Master's in Public Relations at Ball State. Adam will have one final semester of writing a thesis after this semester but then he will be done. I am still looking to work a little, but am sure enjoying my summer home with Miles! This time in our life has really allowed us the opportunity to stop and decide how we want our lives to look in terms of material possessions and "things"....being at my mom and dads with most all of out stuff in storage, we have realized how little we need. This carries into my desire to stay home with Miles and wanting to make decisions about money that reflect our priorities. So we are still figuring it out, and trying to be open to whatever small sacrifices (I'd hardly call them that) we can make so that I can soak up all the time with Miles that I possibly can!

On to the title of this post....Miles soon turns 18 months old and is just the sweetest little guy, I could never have imagined how wonderful he would be and what a blessing he has been to our family. He is such a social boy, he always wants to be a part of the part of the conversation. He often laughs when the adults laugh, and talks SUPER loud in the car so that Adam and I's conversation has to stop to include him:) He will fall down and get hurt and look around the room until everyone acknowledges his hardship....ha oh boy, what am I going to do with that one?? No, I am excited to see how and what his love to engage people will develop into.

Here is an up update of what kinds of things Miles' is into lately.

Anything car, train, or truck related: Here is a sample of a car ride with Miles after he sees a big truck.

Stories, books, and more stories.

You may have seen the video post of face book of him telling the story of Jonah. He LOVES stories, he doesn't even need a book in front of him to enjoy a good story. He absolutely loves to finish the last word or part of a line, I think it helps him feel a part of it, engaged in it. Here is that clip of him making us laugh as he says the word "ocean" for the first time, then he keeps going on with his fake laugh.....I feel like I sound like I have had a little too much coffee to keep me going, so sorry for the loud animated mom in the scene!

The Lake: Here are a few pictures of our week/ and following weekends at my mom and dads lake cottage. Miles tubed, went on the jet ski, swam, and played in the sand box, what a dream week for him!

Miles loves all things Evie! Evelyn is my sister Jess' daughter and she and Miles can just play and play together like none other. Everywhere we go Miles' asks about "E"....she plays so well with him. Even though she is only a year older Evie really loves Miles' so well already! She shares and plays with him, talks to him and makes him a part of her world. I think that is why he loves her so much.

And of course one of his favorite people in the whole world: Da-da. We have the same conversation every morning, where Miles asks, "Dadda?" and I tell him he is at work...then he repeats me, "dadda work." Then he seems okay with that answer for a few hours until we have the same conversation again. Here they are watching the movie Cars together.


Katie P said...

I have to tell you that I feel the same way! Michael and I are searching for a way for me to stay home most of the time as well. Isn't motherhood just amazing?! I just love this. It sounds like you're pretty fond of it yourself... hope you can find the job you're looking for! Are you guys up in Ft Wayne or in Funcie?