Our Adoption Story

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Fort Fall Fun

Seriously haven't been updating the blog lately, not sure why....lack of inspiration? I doubt it, not with these two around :)

Here are a few pictures from our fall festivities. We absolutely LOVE fall and all of the fun traditions it brings, things we get to do as a family, and excuses to get together with people we love. I think most people like fall, right? Its one of those "transitional" seasons that sends you into winter- like not quite summer, not quite winter- reminding us that we are all in transition, ever changing and growing to bring about God's plan. And sometimes it just feels nice to be in the in-between, in process, trying to enjoy everyday for what it is. A Gift.

It was so fun experiencing the magic of apple picking with Miles, he just thought it was awesome to pick an apple off a tree and eat it, he still talks about it!

Halloween at the zoo with Thomas and the conductor!


Cindi Clark said...

Oh my goodness!!! I have gone through these latest pictures at least ten times...and I just can't stop crying! I don't know why! I just love this little guy so much! His precious, beautiful, innocence is just gripping my heart today! Thanks so much for posting these shots! I love you all...more than you know! Excuse me now...gotta go get some Kleenex!