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Monday, August 2, 2010

A Full Week!

Just wanted to say that for me this blog has turned out to be scrap book, journal, photo album, travel journal, and baby book all in one. So sorry if I have bored anyone with our summer adventures but I love having them all in one place and I hope to find a way to print these pages into a book....anyone know if thats possible??

One our last week in California Miles got a virus and came down with a high fever for a few days and then a rash, Dr. called is Roseola, so we had to stay in doors for quite a few days and we were all feeling a little trapped!! Miles went to the door multiple times and looked at us and said, "beach?" "no hun sorry we cant go to the beach." Miles, "park?" no sorry we cant go to the park when your sick....Miles "zoo?" sorry babe we have to stay inside :(

So we have had a busy last couple of days trying to squeeze in all the things we wanted to do and see before say goodbye to beautiful California!

El Matador State Beach in Malibu, CA

Miles is a big fan of trains these days, so went to check out a train museum with a great name;
Travel Town USA

A few photos of this sweetness at San Diego Zoo

Riding the Ski-fari

haha I cant stop laughing at this one

proud to be sittin on an elephant tusk!

It really lived up to it's reputation as a great zoo! We had a blast:)

We feel sad to leave behind such great things, and a great experience but we are excited to get home and see friends and family. It was a hard time frame to be here (2 1/2 months) knowing that we werent going to be here long enough to make a ton of friends or invest a lot in relationships, while we have meet some great people- we are looking forward to getting home and picking up where we left off! Well maybe I should speak for myself, I am feeling ready and Adam could stay a while longer!!


Josh, Amy, Olivia, Josiah, Girum, Tarikwa, and Taye said...

We're very excited to have you back!

Grant and Jenni said...

Val - I just found this that could turn your blog into a book. I might try it with mine - sounds interesting and not too expensive!



Cindi Clark said...

I'm with Amy...so glad that you are back home! I think it's great that you did so many fun things while you were out there though! I love the pictures...as always! I can't help but smiling at the one of Miles as a bug and the one where he is sitting on the elephant tusk! He is so cute!

Welcome Home!