Our Adoption Story

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Sunday May 23rd

Sunday we drove to Simi Valley to attend Cornerstone church. It is the church where Francis Chan is the pastor. He is moving on to a different ministry, but we were able to hear his last sermon to his congregation. It was a worshipful service for us and we left talking all the way home about the things that were encouraging and challenging to us. The drive from where we are to Simi Valley was about 20 min, but it was the most beautiful scenery we have seen here yet.

Most trips to church consist of either Adam or I leaving with Miles after worship, but he always loves to be in for the music. One sunday I was holding him on my hip and we were all singing, hands raised, worshiping. I looked over at Miles and he had his little hand reaching up, palms up, as high as he possibly could. Well ever since then when a worship song comes on he usually instinctively lifts that little hand up praising God. Might be a nature vs. nurture thing, but either way, I believe that his little heart just longs to praise God and sing to him, palms lifted high. Here he is on the way back from church while we were still singing some of the songs from the service.

After church we headed to Studio City for their weekly farmer's market. It was tables and tables of the most green, bright, lush looking fruits and vegetables I had ever seen! Not only did we spot some yummy pumelo's but we also had a celeb spotting, much to my delight! Oh and Adam and I had our first Tamales which we both tried to bite into the corn husk not sure how we were supposed to eat them....I know I know we aren't "tamale" savvy quite yet.


Amanda said...

Miles is so sweet! Glad you're getting settled in CA

Cindi said...

Ohhhhhh! These pictures are so wonderful! They make me laugh and cry! I miss you guys so much, but it looks like you are having a magnificent time!

Miles is growing up so fast! I love the video clips! How could he possibly be any more adorable? Thanks so much for sharing!

I love you and miss you!