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Monday, May 24, 2010

Miles' favorite things

Here is a little update on the gooz....some of his favorite things:

The first two are from back at home but Miles LOVES to scale his slide, and I think it's pretty impressive...

I just find it unbelievably cute when I come to the end of the day and go around cleaning up, and find Miles' favorite toys stashed in something that he carried or pushed around all day. Here is a video that shows a portion of how much he loves to do this.

He has a love for stacking pillows and pretending to fall asleep on them, so this is not an unusual site around here.

He LOVES putting on mom and dad's shoes.

Miles is crazy about all his cousins! Today he started saying "Taye" for the first time which is fun! And he walks around the apt here yelling "Where are you E?" (E is what he calls Evie) Here is a picture of him and cousin Truett together, I hope that someday they treasure this photo!

He is a huge fan of any form of hide and seek or peek-a-boo. Here are a few great shots Grandma Clark got.

There is so much that he is exploring and discovering right now...he is becoming quite the parrot and tries to say most of the words that we try to get him to say! He loves trains, fire trucks, animals, water, and any kind of a ball. It's been so fun having him communicate more and more with me, he is trying to piece words together and its amazing when it feels like we have a conversation! The other day he was reminding me of our experience with the lion at the zoo and said.."momma, ROAR, zoo". Here's him remembering the car wash we went to together, he calls cars, 'vroom':

So there you go! I guess you could say I'm in love.


Amanda said...

seriously...so cute!!

Cindi said...

I can't believe how grown up Miles and Truett look together! So cute! Love the pictures of Miles trying to walk in his mama's and daddy's shoes! :)