Our Adoption Story

Saturday, November 17, 2012

My 3 y/o cracks me up...

Miles' is hilarious, super excitable, and wonderful. I love him so much. He is definitely learning to push his boundary's (which is totally healthy and good) but he sure likes to sit back and watch what I'm going to do.

He recently has been flashing this new smile at us. It's a cute smile, but it's not his natural smile. And he often seems to do it as a distraction away from something he is doing. It was working..he would flash his new grin and I would laugh thinking "what is that smile??" I didn't want to draw much attention to it, but one night we were all in the family room and I asked him. "Miles, what is that new smile you have, it's so big and cute- but I wonder what your thinking when you smile like that?"

He turned to Adam and I and simply stated, "that is my 'I am not listening smile.'"

Oh boy, a glimpse into the mind of a three year old. We all laughed out loud, but now often refer to his "I'm not listening smile."

Here he let me capture it: