Our Adoption Story

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Two more boys on the way!

We were so excited to find out in March that we were pregnant with another boy! Excited for Miles to be a big brother. Adam is super psyched about having boys and was hoping for a boy! Then on April 9th we received a phone call from our adoption agency that a little boy had just come into the orphanage and they thought he would be well placed in our family. What a surreal feeling to hear of a little boy who needs a family and to be able to open our hearts and home and say YES, YES to a third son, YES to giving him life, YES to giving our three boys each other. Brothers.

Statistically there are said to be over 5 million orphans in the Congo because one of the deadliest wars since WWII has been going on there the past 8 years. An orphan is estimated to live to the age of 5-8 in the Congo and orphans are more likely to become child soldiers and be taken into sex trafficking at a young age.

My due date for baby #3 is July 17th (wow so soon!) and we hope for Adam to travel to the Congo and bring baby #2 home in the next 6-8 months. We are told that he is somewhere around 3-4 months old. They are pretty sure his birthday is not accurate, so we aren't exactly sure how old he is right now.  We do have pictures of him that we can't share publicly, but hopefully we can share pictures of him home with us soon!

My pregnancy has gone incredibly fast and really smoothly. It's so fun to have Miles pat and kiss my tummy with such excitement to have a baby brother. He really does have a love for babies and I think he's  going to be such a great big brother.

So yes in the next year we will add two boys to our lives and we are already so in love with them! Crazy. True.


missy said...

AHH!!! 3 boys...what a blast! your home will be the place for bugs, superheroes, dinosaurs and NOISE. you never regret giving god your YES. love you guys!

Amanda said...

so exciting and so happy for your guys!