Our Adoption Story

Sunday, June 26, 2011

lil update

****This update is SOO old but I wanted to post it anyways cause Im way behind!

Written 5/31

It's been a fun and crazy past couple of weeks getting ready to move! Yes we are moving....we bought a house, and we take possession today in about 2 hours. We are super excited and really thankful to have a place of our own. Being at my mom and dad's for the past 2 years has been SO great, really we have been so thankful that they have been supportive of us and really wonderful roommates. It's amazing how well it has worked out. We are in many ways sad to move out, Miles is going to miss having his PaPa and JuJu around all the time.

Anyways, more on our new house and moving after today when we are the actual homeowners....you never know, something weird could happen, right?  **(it didn't, we got the house- which explains my blogging world absence- not as if anyone noticed but my mom :)

The past few weekends have been really busy and so much fun. My sisters and mom and I planned a trip back in January when my older sister Jess turned 30. We decided that when each of us turns the big 3-0 we would plan a weekend getaway to celebrate together (instead of grieve:). So we planned it for May to Ann Arbor. We went two weekends ago and had an absolute blast! No kids....which was hard for all the moms, but also so great to have all that time together. I absolutely LOVE my sisters and my Mom (and when I say sisters, I am 100% including my sister-in-law(s) in the title) I adore them, I value their opinions, I love their humor! We just drank up every second with each other laughing and talking for three days straight!

Then this past Memorial day weekend we spent 2 days at the lake. Ahhhhh to the start of lake season! Miles' had a blast playing outside and riding in the boat. I loved when he feel asleep in the boat in my arms. It made me nostalgic thinking of all the times I drifted off as a little girl in someone's arms with the warm sun beating down, the boat rocking back and forth from the waves, and the hum of the engine. My mom says the lake soothes her soul and I say amen to that.....