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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Sewing project take II, III & IV.

After my first attempt at making Miles a shirt turned out to be easy (but kinda small, he was only able to wear it like 5 times) I decided it was a cinch so I started in on shirt number two but wanted to make it bigger but without a pattern. Ok, harder than I thought.... fail. No good. Thats ok, you learn from your mistakes, right?

So I went on to attempt it again. I was sure I knew what my mistakes were and set out to fix them. Well, I swallowed my pride when it turned out looking pretty silly again. But I decided I was dead-set on fixing it so I asked for some advice from the aunt hill. I have some ridiculously talented and crafty aunts in my life who gave me some advice and I was able to end up with this...

Still not amazing, a little too short and neck a little too wide but gosh darn it, he's wearing it! I think I'll be going to JoAnn's for a pattern next time.

My model who was having too much fun playing to stop and pose for me:) 


jules said...

It's all in how you style it, anyway, right?

Val, that shirt is so, so cute!! Love it! I want your craftiness to rub off on me!

Amanda said...

good job! I need some of that craftiness.