Our Adoption Story

Monday, February 7, 2011

When you can't take the boy to the snow.....

....take the snow to the boy!

There have been quite a few attempts at playing in the snow that have not been enjoyed by this sweet guy (either because of not feeling well, for some reason he hates his snow boots- maybe they don't fit right? and really just doesn't want anything to do with actually jumping and rolling around in the snow) So we have been creative and been able to "play" in the snow in other ways!

We filled a giant foil pan with snow and played with it for a while. When that got old, we added some food coloring to different parts and scooped up the bright colored snow!

Here is another easy sensory box idea from pinkandgreenmama@blogspot.com. We used rice, cotton balls, and large marshmallows to make a winter wonderland!

Multitudes on Mondays

.....on my way to recognizing 1000 gifts that God has given me. This has been an awesome practice for me, joining in with tons of people in listing what they are grateful for.

#21. even though we are in full-on job search mode, I am so thankful for a sense of peace in trusting that no matter what the outcome, He wants His best for us
#22. the Word that is sharper than a double-edge sword and penetrates my heart
#23. a healthy little guy who is almost 2!
#24. the amazing fact that I get to minister in Fort Wayne along side of my family, what an amazing thing to get to do together. Leading Campaigners on Sunday nights for Young Life with my sisters has been such a blessing
#25-27. slumber parties, warm socks, and soft beds
#28. friends welcoming a sweet baby girl with rosy-red lips and dark hair into their lives
#29. thankful for safety during all the snow
#30. waking up to a sweet love note on my bedside table