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Monday, January 10, 2011

Library Perks

Just a little secret about your local Library (maybe everybody already know this but....) I just found out that public library's have "Kits for Kids" its a bag full of books/movies/puppets relating to a certain topic. So if your child is interested in dinosaurs you can check out the dino Kids Kit and it comes with like 8-10 books about dinosaurs and maybe a movie or something as well. Pretty cool!

They have kits like; potty training, one on each color, the alphabet, baby sign language and tons more!

They will also customize a kit for you if they don't already have one with the topic your child is learning about or interested in.

Thought I'd pass that fun perk on to you! This should not be a secret!!


Steph at Modern Parents Messy Kids said...


Just found your site because you're following me over at Modern Parents Messy Kids. Great banner design - very modern and cool.

Thanks for the great tip about the library kits - I'm kinda excited to see what kits my library has! I also recently wrote a post on library resources you might not know about. Check it out here: