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Monday, January 17, 2011

Multitudes on Mondays

I decided to join in with Ann Voskamp @ A Holy Experience practicing having a heart of gratitude. Every monday she and a gob of others are listing things they are grateful for up to one thousand or more....so here is the start of my "Multitudes on Mondays."

#1. the sound of 15 high school girls crammed into the living room every Sunday night to open God's word and really openly and honestly take a look at what it means to follow Jesus. I am so grateful to be a part of the Young Life ministry in Fort Wayne and am learning so much from these willing hearts...

#2. my sons button nose

#3. a husband who is far less critical of me than I am of myself

#4. the celebration of the life of my older sister yesterday- a life and love that I daily benefit from:)

#5. the sweet sound of Miles' feet across the kitchen floor

#6. reading from Roman's 8 this week and thanking God for a relationship with Him free of condemnation, a freedom that allows me the opportunity to set my mind on things of the Spirit resulting in life and peace.

#7. the tender voice of the Holy Spirit- the more I listen to it and respond the more clear the voice seems to get

#8. my new yummy perfume I got for Christmas that smells like fresh Ginger....ahh....

#9. blog "friends" who inspire me to live creatively and engage Miles in new ways

#10. miles is 72 hours into being pacifier free and its been a surprisingly smooth transition


jules said...

Love this idea and your list, Val! 15 girls for YL! Miles' button nose! Yes!!

My list after reading this blog:

1. Your list
2. This idea
3. And your bangs, which inspire my bangs to see what bangs are capable of doing. Your bangs make other people's bangs feel like they're watching the Olympics.

Gail said...

This is so great Val! I just marked down this book to read over on Good Reads.

Just LOVE your blog -- looks like you and Miles are doing some sweet craft projects. I love a creative mama! :)