Our Adoption Story

Friday, July 23, 2010

We made the trip to downtown L.A to Dodgers stadium a few weeks ago. Although we definitely sat in the "cheap seats," we didn't mind at all, and had a great time! It was fun to see all the crazy Dodgers fans, and we were glad Adam decided against wearing his Cubs hat, since we witnessed some heckling of a Cubs fan:) Ever since the game Adam has unofficially made "I love L.A." by Randy Newman our summer theme song, I think I've heard him play it everyday since the game.

We ate Dodger Dogs,

And cheered on our temporary home team.

7th inning stretch Miles??


Cindi Clark said...

These pictures are terrific! I love the seventh inning stretch picture for Miles!!! You have really done a fantastic job of maximizing your time this summer. You have done so many fun things...creating memories that will last for a lifetime!

Just so you know...I really am looking forward to having you home! :)