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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Okay so I may just be a self-proclaimed zoo critic, or lets just say a 'connoisseur' of zoo's and I risk sounding super negative right now. But for those fellow zoo goers the Los Angeles zoo was "underwhelming." It's really great zoo, just not very child friendly, most animals can't be seen from a stroller and there is tons of walking to get to any exhibit. The children's petting zoo has been closed the two times I have been there. And for every animal exhibit it seems there is a food station or store to buy zoo clothing! okay okay so now I am just getting carried away....but I'm really appreciating the Indy and Fort Wayne zoo (which was named in the top 5 children's zoos in the country this year, woohoo go Fort Wayne, we have to get our props somehow right?) now.

We really did have a good time and Miles LOVES the zoo, so that makes every trip totally worth it. He sings 'zoo, zoo, zoo' all the way there and now brings me his shoes and says "shoes...zoo".

Here he is thinking this orangutang is HIL-Ar-ious:)

The outdoor mall/food court place thats right by our place has live music outside every weekend, here we are headed over to check it out!

I had to include these candid shots....doesn't he look SO big!

Recognize this girl anyone? She is the daughter, Sue, in the ABC TV show The Middle. ha...we saw her that night, and Adam went up to her, talked to her and we got a picture. Hey she may not be a huge movie star now but who knows maybe someday and we will have a pic...we are dorks, I know!

Here we are at the Grove's farmers market area. Adam and I agreed that its probably one of the coolest eating and shopping areas we have ever been to. Tons and tons of places to eat with people just every where....and of course here I am caught with some Pinkberry in hand.

I can't believe we have already been here one month. Miles and I fly out on Saturday to go and meet my mom, sister Missy, and Aunt Sue in Orlando, FL for a trip that we have had planned for a while now. Im excited to experience the magic of Disney with them this next week!

After that, Miles and I will travel back to Fort Wayne with them and I will be leaving Miles with my mom and dad for a whole week to head to Young Life camp. I feel really excited and super privileged to get to take Snider students to Camp this summer. Praying God reveals Himself to me in new ways and that I have the eyes to see Him. Also praying for the students going that they will get to experience and learn about Christ in a way that is lasting and life giving, oh that they would know Christ as the One who has brought restoration and redemption to them! Please join me in praying for those students and us leaders that week, it is June 19-26th. Also pray for Miles, even though I am going to miss him terribly, my prayer is that he would have a really special time with grandma and grandpa and not be too upset by us being away.

So Disney and Camp updates to follow in a few weeks...Hope you all are doing well, I just have to say I think of so many of you EVERYDAY, here is a sample of the running dialogue in my head:

"I wonder what Kate would order at Pinkberry......hum is this the book that Steph said was so good?......I wonder if Jess and my mom are walking Lakeside park this morning......man I need Amy to teach me some new children's songs, she's so good at that.....I need a Ruby Tuesday's ice tea with my sisters......wonder how wen morning bible-study went, missing those amazing women....wonder how Wyatt slept last night, if Kimberly is getting any sleep?....wonder what Betsy made for dinner tonight, I need some new meal ideas.......Can't wait for Miles to wear the new shirt Missy got him.......I wonder which jogging stroller is the best, Ashley would know......"

Ha I could seriously go on and on. Just know that I pray for so many of you and think of you all so often and love my life with you in it!!


Cindi Clark said...

You do such a great job keeping us all updated and making everyone feel so special! What a wonderful person you are, Valerie!

I completely agree about the zoo! I had forgotten that, but now that you reminded me...I think I feel like judging them! :) One other you may want to check out sometime is the St. Louis Zoo! It's awesome and I know Aunt Patti would love to have you come for a visit!

Of course, I love the "brush with greatness" picture of our new best friend, Sue, but my favorite is the third one down, if I remember correctly. Everyone should have someone in the world who will look at them the way your angel gazes at you Val! Glorious!

Have fun in Florida! Sounds like Adam is maximizing his time...trying to keep super busy to keep from being too homesick for the loves of his life!

Oh...I almost forgot that I wasn't having a conversation with you...that I'm just "commenting"! I love you and miss you both!


Anonymous said...

Kate would order pomegranate with mochi, raspberries, and fruity pebbles.

Oh how I miss Pinkberry...and oh much more I wish I could go WITH you.

I love you SO much!