Our Adoption Story

Friday, May 7, 2010

Easter Weekend

Its been so much fun experiencing Holidays in a new way since having Miles. He enjoyed Easter so much and we were able to start some of our own family traditions. Miles received his first Easter basket, which he loved, but inside among all the yogurt covered raisins and sidewalk chalk, Miles got a wound up little baby chick. It was his favorite part which made it fun for me since we placed it there as the beginning of a Easter tradition. A symbol of new life. There is something about being parents that allows you to experience God in a new way for Easter, because as you are wanting your child to learn and understand the depth and importance of such things you realize that you are the one that needs to learn. Thank God for new life, for Jesus' resurrection that proves his power over death, and gift of the new life he offers us. Thank God for baby chicks and the spring time where we are reminded of what a gift God gives us when he says "I have come to give you life, life to the full."


Amanda said...

such great pictures!!