Our Adoption Story

Thursday, March 18, 2010

One year under his belt

Miles turned ONE on March 10th. We happened to be in FL when he turned one so we celebrated his life as our little family by thanking God for him and all the ways that we have grown and changed because of this little one coming in and stealing our hearts. It was fun to sit and recall the events of his birthday and remember how exciting it was to see him and hold him for the first time..... remember this sweet face??

Here are a few pictures of our trip to Florida. It was so relaxing to get away, and even though it wasn't super hot it was so nice just to be outside, watch movies, read books, and play games together as a fam.

We celebrated Miles' birthday with some friends and family a few weeks ago. We still can't believe his is ONE already....there are moments where I literally lose my breath and my chest aches with such love for him that I just want to swoop him up in a hug and make sure he knows how treasured he is......those hugs seem shorter and shorter these days with Miles demanding "Down!" I continue to treasure the moments and consider it a huge blessing and pleasure that I get to be his mom! Here are a few pictures of the par-tay....