Our Adoption Story

Monday, November 19, 2012

They have arrived!

Adam and his mom Cindi arrived in Kinshasa today around noon our time. They said the flight was uneventful, and that the Brussels airline was really nice and blew United out of the water. Who knew that Belgium has a great airline?  :)

Adam said that the airport in Kinshasa was fine and they received their suit cases and the two tubs full of donations just fine! Which I was so happy to hear! The trip to the hotel was interesting, as it was their first view of the Congo, can't wait to hear more details.

When they got to the hotel though, St. Anne's had given their reservation away for a catholic priest convention. John (the guide and translator) rushed right over to help them and they ended up driving to 4 different hotels before finding a place to stay. I really don't think that typically happens with St. Anne's (to anyone planning to stay there in the future) I guess they are really nice and accommodating, must have just been a fluke thing. They are hoping to return to St.Anne's tomorrow. Pray there is room for them then!

They wake up tomorrow morning and meet with the lawyer to drop off paper work then they are off to Arms of Love (the new orphanage that our adoption agency owns, it was just moved from ZAPE orphanage to Arms of Love) to meet our boy for the first time and take him with them.

Not sure if I'll be able to sleep tonight seeing as that happens at like 4 am my time.