Our Adoption Story

Monday, August 8, 2011

The new joint....

It's been so great getting settled in our new home. We ADORE our neighborhood in one of the historical districts of Fort Wayne. Although our house isn't that old, we still get to enjoy the perks of living in an older area: what my brother calls "The 05" (the last two digits of our zip). For example, when we moved in, a woman across the street who owns her own yarn shop down the road (like out of a book, right?) brought us a delicious cherry pie....seriously who does that?! So great!

But most of all, I am so excited to have a place; a space for us to offer up to God. I'm excited to see how He will use this home to make Himself known, praying that if these walls could talk they would speak of a family who made much of Jesus Christ.

Well, I thought I would share some pictures of our house as we get settled, so here is a picture of my first project for the house. Refinishing and recovering a dining room set.  The coolest part about this project is that this set was once my great grandma's, so it made it even better knowing my great grandma once served her family on this very table, when my grandma was a little girl. And now I get to use it for my family. So neat...