Our Adoption Story

Monday, May 9, 2011

thoughts on mother's day

Being a mother is one of the most wonderful things I've ever gotten to experience. Not because it's easy, or because it's always fulfilling. But simply because of this: I have met God. I have experienced Him in a new way because of the realization that I CANNOT do this well apart from Him.  I am clinging to His Spirit and His promise that He is inside of me. That when I step out in faith and chose his Spirit over my own natural instinct He promises that He will lead me, that He will guide me. And He promises that He loves Miles far better and far more than I ever could. I only have two years under my belt, but motherhood has been the most humbling place I've ever landed, and I want to remain here. :) 

Yesterday I was just so thankful that I get to walk with Jesus in this way, just that I simply get to be Miles' mom- but don't get me wrong, I jumped at the chance when Adam sent me out for an hour with gift card in hand for a mani and pedi! 

 this sweetie stopping to just feel the spring grass