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Monday, May 2, 2011

A new favorite

Found this recipe on Pioneer Woman's site (of course....she's just so good) and it's become an instant favorite. I've made it twice now with a couple of variations, but we have just loved it! I have never been a successful stir frier....my vegetables always end up soggy and I never love the sauce I use. Well watch out cause I am officially a beef stir frier now! Just wanted to pass this recipe your way in case you're looking for something new to make. I have found for me that trying something fun and new is a big motivation in cooking. I just turn on some music and dance around while sipping some 2 buck chuck from Trader Joe's  :)

Pioneer Woman- Beef Stir Fry

The second time I made it I did a variation of the first recipe and this one:

Pioneer Woman- Beef Stir Fry with Snow Peas

Bon Appetite!

- a big realization that I have SOO much to learn from Miles. Instead of viewing him and my role as I am teaching him, I've been struck by and thankful for opening my eyes to all that a 2 year old has to teach the mama, the one whose been most jaded and heartbroken by the world. 
- strawberry shortcake
- a good read
- anticipation for the future
- God's ways are higher than my ways, his plans are always better even when I think I can give myself a pretty good life. His ways are ALWAYS better


Gail said...

That recipe of hers is one of my FAVORITES!!!! Yummy! Have you tried her veggie quesadillas? (from her Super Bowl party entry?) Nick and I love those too!