Our Adoption Story

Monday, October 26, 2009

Playing in the leaves

Around here fall is a family favorite....even the babe is getting into it! We just love how colorful the leaves are...how wonderful it is to witness a cycle of new life in the trees. It has been a reminder to us this fall of how God displays His power over death, how the leaves change and die and come back to life in the spring. We are reminded of the power Christ had over death and has brought us the opportunity for new life!

Okay so this little guy isn't quite thinking so deeply about it....but he still enjoys a good leaf pile...


Dan, Erin and Jacob said...

Amazing pictures, Val! I can't believe how much his hair is growing :) go colts!

Cindi Clark said...

I've decided not to write a response to this blog entry...just to prove to you that I can resist the compulsion to respond to every post!

If I would have posted a response, I would have said that I love what you wrote concerning your thoughts and feelings about fall...very insightful and true.

I am really resisting posting how adorable that little Colts fan is! What a precious boy! I just love him!

There...I didn't say it! Aren't you proud of me for my self-control! :)

I hope you know how much I love you guys...even if I don't comment on your blog!