Our Adoption Story

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Triple Positive

My brother Josh had the great idea of designing t-shirts for us to wear to support my mom with the words "Triple Positive" on them. My mom was diagnosed with breast cancer and told that her type of cancer is called triple negative. This is supposed to be the most difficult to treat and more aggressive type of breast cancer, well we turned the name on its head and have been wearing our t-shirts proudly, as to say this horribly negative name will not be our banner. 

Last friday night we surprised my mom with a special evening just for her, she came to door with us all wearing our new t-shirts. We went to dinner and had a really special time of prayer and encouragement for her. 

I am actually sitting in the hospital waiting room right now. They have given us good news that the surgery went really well and the lymph-nodes were BENIGN!!  She is in recovery now and we are hoping to see her soon. Thanks so much for all your texts, emails, and voice mails! 


D and K said...

so glad to hear that things went well! your sweet momma and family are continually in our prayers! much love!!!

Amanda said...

yeah! We are praying for you and thinking of you guys. I'm so glad things went well! Love you

Cindi Clark said...

I'm so thankful for the faith your family lives on the glorious mountaintops and through the dark valleys. The Triple Positive concept was a stroke of genius. I think it is exactly the way God wants us to approach every challenge.

Thank you and your amazing family for demonstrating your trust in the Lord in so many powerful ways! Praise God for His wonderful blessings!