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Monday, January 12, 2009

growing belly pics

It feels weird posting so many pictures of myself! But here they are, the month by month growth!! 

 3 Months Along

4 Months Along

5 Months Along
6 months along 

7 Months Along

 8 Months...Current!


Amanda said...

oh you look so cute!!

Cindi Clark said...

Beautiful! Beautiful!! Beautiful!!! :) Not long now! I can't wait! :)

Anonymous said...

oh gosh, val, you are so cute! like aunt cindi said, it's not going to be long now until we can all meet the little guy! i hope you guys (val) are not getting too anxious about the actual delivery process, i'll be praying about it. ahhhhh! i'm so excited for you two (three)! thanks for posting the pictures.


splendid said...
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Samuel Gensic said...

These pics are fun! I'm glad that you posted these...

Almost there, we can't wait to meet the little one!